All You Need To Know About Minimum Balance in SBI Savings Account

SBI is one of the best banks in India,, its one of the best public sector, and financial banks in india., SBI SriLanka bank is the oldest bank that located in Srilanka, the bank was made in 1864. The state bank of India’s main branch is in Southall, united kingdom, that was made in 1982. Mr. John Mathai was the first chairman of the SBI bank, it became in 1955. We are here to give a few suggestion about  minimum balance in SBI saving accounts 2019, Given Below, You can check.

How you will check your transaction history

You can check your transaction history through, login to, and click on my accounts, then you will get your transaction history, you will get your all last 24 months transaction history, you can also use in your smartphone, just you have to log in to the SBI card on your mobile application, and just click on your accounts, then you will get your all last 24 months transaction history.

Minimum balance in your account

Sbi is one of the best saving accounts if you want to save your money in SBI, then you need to maintain at least 1 lakh only, you required to maintain a minimum balance, its became an automatically for normal savings bank account, it will be safe in your account no need to worry about your money, without doubt, you can save your money in SBI saving accounts.

How you will check your SBI bank statement.

If you want to check your bank statement in every month, then you need to send an SMS or you have to give a missed call on a mobile number to receive a balance in the account, or mini statements, up to last 5 transactions, you can also send an SMS or give a call on 9223766666, for balance inquiry.

 Benefits of SBI YONO

Yono means you only need one, it’s a kind of an integrated digital banking, its offered by the state bank of India, it’s essential part of SBI bank, YONO is the best applications for SBI users if you want to book taxi, online shopping or medical bill payments, and more . just you need to install the app in your smartphone after installing the app, you can pay any kind of bill payments through your app, such as I mentioned all of the above, you can check that one.

I hope we have included all the information about the minimum balance in the SBI savings account 2019.

Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for reading.

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